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SALSA Project

Small Farms, Small Food Businesses and Sustainable Food and nutrition Security (SALSA) Project

The Small Farms, Small Food Businesses and Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security (SALSA) Project has been designed to meet the challenge of assessing the role of small–scale farming in food security, paying particular attention to capturing the diversity of food systems and small farms situations and looking beyond production capacity to increase all four (4) dimensions of food and nutrition security (FNS) through transdisciplinary research and stakeholder-led actions, crossing disciplines: Europe -Africa and research policy practice.

The aim of the SALSA project is to assess the role of small farms and small food businesses in delivering a sustainable and secure supply of affordable, nutritious, and culturally adequate food. The SALSA project was a European Union – EU funded Research and Innovation initiative implemented by a 17-member EU-Africa Research consortium coordinated by the University of Evora Portugal from 2016 – 2020.