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P. O. Box TL 1027 Tamale , Ghana

Research Centre

The SavaNet Agriculture Research Center in Loagri in the North East Region of Ghana is on a 40-hectare farmland with the aim of bridging the gap between Agriculture Research and practical farming in Ghana. The Research center has three small scale bio-based factories deploying Brazilian Kiln technology for biochar production, green biorefinery for animal feed production and extruder pelletization technology for fish feed pellets production.

Climate change research at the centre is centred on climate change in Agriculture, Forestry, and other Land use Sector (AFOLU) in the Savannah and Sahel Agroecological belts of Africa. Various Artificial Intelligence technologies are used in conducting climate change research to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by livestock, soil carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions from Aquaculture, Forest greenhouse gas emissions (Forest change, Land use, Conservation, and Forest cover), etc. 

Research is carried out by experienced researchers from various African countries in partnership with researchers in Europe, USA, and other parts of the world. The research centre partners with various Research Institutions, Universities, and think Tanks across the world.