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About SavaNet

About The Organisation

The Savannah Young Farmers Network (SavaNet) is an International Agriculture and Rural development organization. The mission of the organization is to build the needed structures and serve as a leverage to promote Africa’s accelerated Agriculture and Rural development. SavaNet’s vision is the creation of resilient structures in the Agriculture and Rural development sector in Africa that promote the continent’s accelerated economic development. 

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The members of the Network include small, medium, and large-scale farmers and other Agriculture value chain actors. The organization is led by a Country Manager in its operational African countries and coordinated by an African Regional Director.

Our activities are directed towards promoting sustainable Agriculture and rural development, circular bioeconomy development, natural resource conservation, climate change mitigation/adaptation, and environmental protection. Our activities are also directed towards building a low-carbon resilient future, farmer development and training.

We support farmers in adopting bio – based and precision Agriculture technologies innovatively and efficiently. SavaNet-Ghana’s experimental stations are used to test and pilot Agriculture and natural resource conservation technologies and food systems to promote food and nutrition security in the country. 

At SavaNet, we build bridges between research and practical Agriculture with the development of products and services in partnership with various stakeholders. SavaNet has created an innovation ecosystem where various Agriculture value chain actors interact for the adoption and upscale of Agriculture technologies and food systems. We are therefore Ghana’s Agriculture technology corridor.

SavaNet is experienced in the implementation of various international projects including EU Research and Innovation projects, and thus a consortium member of various international projects. Our development partners are from across the world including National, Regional, and international development organizations, Government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, Research Institutions, Universities, Agribusiness companies, Think Tanks, etc.