SALSA Project Meeting in Valencia Spain

ImageThe 3rd Small Farms, Small Food Businesses and Sustainable Food Security (SALSA) project meeting took place in Valencia Spain from 23rd – 26th January 2018. The Savannah Young Farmers Network (SavaNet-Ghana) is an implementing partner of the SALSA project which is a four (4) year H2020 16 member EU-Africa Research consortium.

The main objectives of the project meeting were to: discuss the general progress of field work and activities related to stakeholder engagement, discuss data collection (WP2 and WP3) and first outcomes with lessons learned, agree on the next 12 months of project activities and to improve communication within the consortium.

During the project meeting, Consortium members delivered presentations on activities implemented, preliminary results, their next steps, progress made on transdisciplinary theory building, data processing, comparative analysis carried out, etc.

As part of the project meeting, participants visited various small farms, Agribusiness cooperatives and small Agribusinesses in Moncofa and Viver to learn the contribution of small Agribusinesses towards sustainable food security in Valencia and Spain at large.

The project meeting ended with a greater commitment by consortium members to achieve the desired results of the SALSA project.