Our Executive Director Eisenhower Fellowship – EF Experience

ImageFollowing his award of an Eisenhower Fellowship – EF, Moses Nganwani Tia joined 24 other professionals from across the world to begin their Eisenhower Fellowship (Global program) beginning in Philadelphia USA.

Prior to leaving Philadelphia, he visited the National Constitution center, engaged with David Eisenhower during the panel discussion (“The First 100 days”), gave presentations and interacted with student/staff of William W. Bodine High School for International Affairs, visited the Ari Rosenberg Greengrow Farms, etc.

From Philadelphia, he continued to Washington D.C. where he held series of meetings with various professionals and institutions. They include: Susan Eisenhower, Halcyon Incubator, Daoud N’ Diaye of the World Bank, Patricia R. Sheikh of the Corporate Council on Africa-CCA, Anne Healy – Head of the USAID (Development Innovation Ventures), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), etc.

After a successful fellowship experience in Washington D.C., he continued to Oklahoma where he was hosted by Hope Pjesky. He held series of meetings with various organizations among which include: USDA – ARS grazing lands Research Lab, the Weather Centre, Oklahoma small business development centre, Oklahoma State University, Langston University, the NOBLE Foundation, etc.

From the 20th -23rd of April 2017, Moses Nganwani Tia continued his fellowship experience in Nebraska-Lincoln. Tia held various meetings at the University of Nebraska –Lincoln during which he engaged with: the Assistant vice chancellor for Global Affairs, Agriculture Economics faculty members, the Agronomy and Horticulture faculty members, the Global Agriculture club, etc.

He also engaged with officials of the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship program, held Roundtable discussions on youth in Agriculture, the Water for food global institute, tour of Nebraska Innovation campus, etc. After these Academic engagement, Tia had an on - farm fellowship experience in rural Nebraska during which he was hosted by Bart Ruth and family. Moses assisted in various farming activities (e.g. ploughing, spraying, planting, etc).

In order to enrich his capacity on policy analysis, he joined nine (9) other fellows at Pardee RAND Graduate School in Los Angelis California for an Executive training on policy and policy analysis. After the training, he joined his colleagues in San Francisco for a Wagner/Chevon sponsored dinner. While in California, he held series of meetings at the University of California Berkeley.

Designed to provide fellows a time to relax, unwind and plan for subsequent fellowship engagements, Tia joined other fellows to travel to Sedona in Arizona at the Grand Canyon National Park.

From the 2nd – 5th of May 2017, Moses Nganwani Tia travelled to Champaign and Chicago in Illinois to hold meetings with: staff of the University of Illinois Research Park, University of Illinois TECH program, the head of International programs at the University of Illinois, etc. In Chicago, Tia joined some fellows for a panel discussion on US-NATO Relations, organized by Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

From Illinois, Moses Nganwani Tia continued to Idaho where he was hosted by Robert Blair, a U.S. EF fellow. In Idaho he started his fellowship with a presentation at the Kendrick High School during which he interacted with staff and students of the school.

Tia also held meetings with: Agro processing companies, staff of the University of Idaho, Lobbyist in the Agriculture sector, Idaho state Dept of Agriculture, Wild land fire management – U.S. Department of Interior, U.S. forest service, Monsanto Research station, USDA-Aberdeen Research and Extension center, etc.

He also engaged with several commercial farmers, Idaho Falls Malt plant, Idaho National Laboratory, Dworshak fisheries complex, Dworshak Reservoir, etc. Moses Nganwani Tia also engaged with various Agriculture professionals and institutions in Montana and in Washington State.

From Idaho, Tia joined his colleagues in Philadelphia for the closing ceremony of the Eisenhower Fellowship. During the closing ceremony, he received his fellowship pin and certificate, having received his key to the EF house during the start of the fellowship.

SavaNet-Ghana congratulates the Executive Director on his achievement and wishes him all the best in his career.