Welcome to SavaNet

The Agribusiness Innovation Hub (iHub) is a flagship initiave by SavaNet-Ghana, that is technically designed to create the desired Agribusiness growth environment with pool of innovations for the youth to develop successful Agrienterprises. The iHub leads a green Agriculture revolution in Ghana.

Its implementation is committed to addressing Ghana’s surging youth unemployment and food insecurity leading to an increased food import bill. Youth interested in becoming Agrienterprenurs have the opportunity to pitch their Agribusiness proof of concepts and start-up’s at the iHub to  be nurtured into successful Agrienterprises.

SavaNet-Ghana Entrepreneurs

SavaNet entrepreneur’s standout. When everyone else is going left, they go right. As a SavaNet entrepreneur, you will discover you are not alone. There are others who see beyond the status quo; others who are doing Agri-business right and committed to assisting others succeed.

As a SavaNet entrepreneur, you join a standout class of young Agri- entrepreneurs who will collaborate with you, partner with you, encourage you in failure and celebrate your success.

SavaNet entrepreneurs understand that entrepreneurship require a cup of self confidence, a fistful of creativity, a teaspoon of risk, a sprinkle of I - think – I – Know – a better – way, and a whole lot of get – up – dust yourself – off – and –try –again.